Branding photography is an integral step for any business. Showing your customers high quality, professional images positions you as an expert and helps you effectively communicate your brand message. I individualize branding sessions with each client to ensure we create images that fit your business and brand. I photograph branding sessions and professional headshots in my private studio in Eugene, Oregon or at the location of your choosing.

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Branding Pricing

Please contact me for a specific quote

Branding/ Headshot session
1 hour session for branding portraits in location of your choice. Gallery of 40 images.

Product Photos
Product photos include photos of the products individually, or products in use.

Small Business Package
Two hours of shooting with up to 5 team member. Plus photos of your commercial space or products. 100 images.

Quarterly photo shoot so you never run out of content. Each session includes everything in the Small Business Package.
$2,000 / year

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